Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Quilt

My sister-in-law recently made this happy fusion of patchwork. I love the design she chose, perfect for the fabrics. I spend most of my quilt-decision-making time fretting as to how best to showcase the fabrics without, or in spite of, chopping them up into tiny bits. I have to say she accomplished this perfectly. :)

I have many of Kaffe Fassett's quilt books (check out some of his work here), and he has alluded that he prefers low contrast in tone with the patchwork in his quilts. My favorite pieces of his work have this quality. As does my sister-in-law's quilt...Perhaps low contrast is not the description I'm looking for, and I think that "fusion" is what I mean..a merry fusion of colors.

I think my favorite fabric in the quilt is the bright yellow. I once read in a blog a long time ago and it just stayed in my brain (I'd reference the blog, but I can't remember who or what), that sometimes the "sour" fabric in your "starting line-up" of fabrics is the one that pulls the whole quilt together and prevents it from being too monochromatic, or without pizzazz. Anyway, I'm not saying that the yellow is "sour", quite the opposite..(in my humble opinion)'s really the ticket. Plus it matches the diaper bag. lol.

Anyway, "handmade" is a treasure. And I know that a quilt has quite a bit of it's maker in it, as well as, a bit of the person it was made for.
And this one will be used and washed and worn and softened with time and passed down in our family.... and it will be repeated in the voice of an old-timer "well, your great great aunt made this for your crazy great great grandmother when she was expecting her 2nd little one..." :))

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