Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snappy Interview Apparel

Having a husband with zero interest in apparel is like being given free reign to dress your own doll. ;) Actually, it doesn't work quite like that, because any purchases for his wardrobe that strays from jeans and casual wear is met with a certain amount of suspicion and grudging acceptance, at best.

Now, due in part to a recent unfortunate loss of luggage, thanks to US Airways, I had to go shopping for one (JUST ONE) go-to interview outfit for Hubby. Boscov's (one of my favorite stores..when they have a really great sale, their prices are comparable to Walmart) has a great men's section at our mall and that is where I headed, along with my Mom.

I was happily wallowing through the edgy, modern ties to go with this great shirt already in Hubby's closet, weighing how I wanted to layer the stripes with houndstooth, plaid, or...so many options! And my dear mother tentatively suggested something more.."classic." She gently said, "Now remember, he (Hubby) isn't a quilt!" At which point, after twenty more minutes of lengthy deliberation, my little brain shorted out.

Meanwhile, the impeccably dressed man, working in this suit department, came over to offer us assistance. He was warmly recieved by us, and he made his selection for a "classic" interview look, pictured here. The man used words such as "classic" and "timeless" to describe the selection. I stifled a snort as I thought to myself, but what if my husband isn't "classic"...I stared at it, a little miffed and not loving it..I then looked at Mom who tactfully commented that "It's very appropriate."

And for once, I decided perhaps it is time to set aside my preferences (after all, what do I know about ideal clothes for a professional interview), and I reluctantly bought the man's selection of shirt and tie along with a nice pair of Dockers (don't worry, he has a nice suit coat in his closet).

And, it turns out, the outfit fits great and looks very pulled together, and Hubby likes it, in spite of himself. So here's some gratitude to the clothier in the menswear department at Boscov's. (And to my Mother, frankly.) :)

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