Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tune Man

As I started my day, at exactly 2:45 AM, I booted up the computer to blurrily check my email, cup of coffee in hand, before I headed out the door.

My inbox had it's token quota of forwards and spams, including a message from GodTube (something that I don't recall signing up for?!). I did bother to read it instead of immediately deleting it and was glad that I did.

The clip is of a man that spontaneously joins in singing with another man who was jammin' in a park. Their music to's not whiny. It didn't make me nauseous. It appears to be sincere..and (I have to say) it rocked. Check it out here.

It's a reminder to me of our natural craving for God. I was raised being taught this, and at our house we try to illustrate this for our son, by describing it as a "God-box" in your heart that everyone has. If you listen to the quiet Voice... He continues to fill the empty box and you can hear Him. If you ignore your God-box... well, the still, small Voice eventually becomes silent.

Enough preaching from me...check out the clip and see what you think. My perspective: an inspiring, impromptu little tune for the Master Musician.

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