Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pintucking Paranoia

I have gone through (and would continue to be deeply in, if it were not gardening and horsing season) the throes of making baby girl fact, I was stubbornly putting the finishing touches on a little summer -dress-number while I was going "into labor" with our baby girl.

Prior to that, I had made a little muslin pinafore and matching bonnet with Puritan leanings, that required a lot of pintucking. (Please note pictures.) I had not up until this point, had any experience with pintucks. And frankly, I don't wish to revisit the process any time soon, but the results of that labor of love I found to be quite pleasing.

Now when I see someone wearing a pintucked shirt, I wonder how it can be manufactured without costing the buyer a small fortune to purchase it. :)

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