Monday, August 30, 2010

Ad lib Baby Dress Pattern

This is a little dress I recently made from combining three different patterns; I was feeling particularly fussy, and pieced and cobbled the neckline, sleeves, and shape of the dress together based on all the patterns, all sized for 18 months. And given my problems with sizing on the last dress, I did not "wing it" in regards to correct sizing this time.

I was going for the Mennonite-simplicity, that so many of the baby dresses have that were mine, (I do originate from Lancaster County) when I was a baby (kudoos to Mom for saving the best ones for me to use someday, which has come, for my own little girl :) ).

It's simple, though it took a long time to pull the patterns together. Some changes for next time: I'd prefer a slightly higher, more old-fashioned neckline and incorporate a fuller skirt, for the ideal image that I had in my mind. And that ideal image being, a slightly grubby little girl with tanned bare feet toddling around while stuffing who-knows-what in the pocket. Maybe riding our older-than-dirt pony through the field...

I kind of dig the pocket. It's from a doily, that I deconstructed, that my Mema had made. And the back is button-up for easy in and out.

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