Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

As you can see, one is never wanting for company at our house. This is the view from the computer area. Three dogs lounging in cool comfort like so many throw rugs. I fondly refer to them as "rugs"...rugs that get up and move about the house with you (who doesn't want a rug that rearranges itself? Three of them, no less...).

The end of summer is such a busy time. Everyone, though grateful of course for it's bounty, secretly wishes that the garden would just choke itself now and quietly pass away.
Meanwhile, among our still growing-things, I love "lace vines", a tough perennial vine that gets piles of fairy-lacy flowers towards the end of summer into fall (I'll have to post a picture of the ones that are flowering...very beautiful, plus honey bees love them). I have three of them, and unwisely planted (rather, Hubby did for me) one next to the porch. And when my back is turned...this is what happens... Among all the horse training, AND child training around here, I suppose some "vine training" is in order too.

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