Friday, August 6, 2010

Homemade "Brew" (ie Tea)

This past week, I felt a bit run-down and a touch "under the weather", and then our son also seemed to have caught whatever was ailing me. I made this tea from the herbs growing rampantly on our property, and I give the tea much of the credit for our symptons not turning into full-blown-misery. :)

Spearmint and Lemon Balm Tea

4 sprigs spearmint
4 sprigs lemon balm

Wash the herbs in cool water and put the entire sprigs, leaves on the stalk, into the container of your choice (I like to use a big enamel pitcher). Boil enough water to fill said container, allow to steep for at least 10 minutes.

Strain, add honey, and enjoy.

Add enough honey to taste, now for the entire batch while the water is still warm, or do as we do and add it per the cup as you drink it.

I was overwhelmingly pleased by this simple recipe. It tastes as good as, or better than, the expensive herbal (and organic) teas bought at the supermarket. My son chugs his (when it cools enough to do so) and requests more. And I'd much rather treat his cold symptons naturally than with drugs

In the past, I've had sporadic success with my own home-grown concoctions (I've been known to serve my mother "mint tea" brewed from some random weed, while I was working and living at our family's a wonder, I didn't kill us all.), but the tea was so good and so easy to make, I'm drying some spearmint and lemon balm for the winter. Drying is simple, just wash and hang in bunches, somewhere with good air flow preferably.

Also, chamomile is a nice addition to any tea (about 1T per cup), and easy to dry, if your husband doesn't, um, decide to deadhead your chamomile plant for you (Hubby, I love you!). For those of you who may not know, the flower head is the useable part of the chamomile plant, just add it fresh/dried to the tea during the steeping process. Dry it by hanging in bunches, or spreading the flower heads out in one layer on a paper towel.

Oh and if you'd like a spearmint or lemon balm "start"...I share. :)

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  1. What a merry concoction of brewed tea to keep us all going along merrily! I am enchanted by your blog. It is such a pleasant read from the harried pace of life. kls