Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Humble Habanero

Still "at it" putting up garden produce...the latest round of tomatoes went into salsa. I did not use a recipe, and after a general taste test, the result was: too onion-y and not hot-enough (Hubby adores a little heat when it comes to food).

Now I prepared a fair amount of hot peppers, fresh from the garden, but that was not enough "heat" for Hubby. So I pulled out all the stops, and dug out the last of the frozen habaneros from last year's garden (we had so many last year, but they are so hot that I use such a little bit, so we did not plant anymore habaneros this year... I had one whole quart bag of them left from last year.) Such a little pepper, and what a punch it packs.

After I added those, I asked Hubby to taste-test, inquiring if the onions had been balanced out. He responded that his mouth was burning so badly he couldn't tell, and immediately poured himself a glass of milk. I also tried the salsa, and the flavor was lost on me as well, due to the burning in my mouth, and quickly joined him for a glass of milk.

At any rate, being new to canning (I much prefer freezing and grew up doing that, however; our freezer is now full), I did not realize that it's important to follow exactly a salsa recipe designed specifically for canning. So we ended up stuffing bags of salsa into every cranny available in the freezer. :)

Does anyone have a favorite salsa recipe to share? (for canning, OR otherwise!)

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  1. Oh my! The art of, hot, hot!kls