Friday, September 24, 2010


I love adapting pieces of clothing that have seen better days, into a fresh new concept. I'm new at this. But I love doing it.

Here is my latest conquest: a boxy shirt with a flip-flop print and buttons in a very nice linen fabric. I thought it had very cute possibilities for a little girl's skirt. Check out the end result in my Etsy shop here! (ahem, plus you can see it on the sidebar of my etsy shop in my blog)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yet Another Baby Dress

I've had this berry-colored fabric for a long time. I once made something for a friend with it. I've been saving it for the time I could decide what THE perfect pattern for it would be.

I made it based on a tutorial from the Prudent Baby blog, though I made mine with a liner. (tutorial.)
As I made this, I was trying to make it for next summer as a size 12 months. I believe the pattern pieces must not have printed out at the correct scale, because it fits Baby Girl now (about a size 3-6 months). No matter, it's very hip as a tunic over jeans for fall! :))

Oh and check out the buttons. Ah, yes, perfection. No other buttons would do. And again, thank you, Mom, for the button donation right off of your own shirt. (I like to say this, and I'll say it again: "Nobody loves you like your Mother.")

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Humble Habanero

Still "at it" putting up garden produce...the latest round of tomatoes went into salsa. I did not use a recipe, and after a general taste test, the result was: too onion-y and not hot-enough (Hubby adores a little heat when it comes to food).

Now I prepared a fair amount of hot peppers, fresh from the garden, but that was not enough "heat" for Hubby. So I pulled out all the stops, and dug out the last of the frozen habaneros from last year's garden (we had so many last year, but they are so hot that I use such a little bit, so we did not plant anymore habaneros this year... I had one whole quart bag of them left from last year.) Such a little pepper, and what a punch it packs.

After I added those, I asked Hubby to taste-test, inquiring if the onions had been balanced out. He responded that his mouth was burning so badly he couldn't tell, and immediately poured himself a glass of milk. I also tried the salsa, and the flavor was lost on me as well, due to the burning in my mouth, and quickly joined him for a glass of milk.

At any rate, being new to canning (I much prefer freezing and grew up doing that, however; our freezer is now full), I did not realize that it's important to follow exactly a salsa recipe designed specifically for canning. So we ended up stuffing bags of salsa into every cranny available in the freezer. :)

Does anyone have a favorite salsa recipe to share? (for canning, OR otherwise!)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cupboard Confession

This is my pot cupboard. Shocking, isn't it? Downright shameful, even. I am somewhat gleeful as I post this, because as I get closer to my 30th birthday, I realize that there are some things that I'm good at. And some things that I'm just not good at. And organized cupboards clearly fall into the latter category. And frankly, I'm really comfortable with that.

Now just so you know...I try. I really do try, but inevitably after a round of re-organization, things end up how things appear in this picture (jumbled). In my defense, please note the clever and delicate balancing act between the pots of varying sizes, and how the lids are so easily unstacking here!

Nevertheless, I cannot deny my chagrin when an especially loud tussle with the pots wakes the baby; but overall, I'm okay with this arrangement. Does anyone else care to share their housekeeping follies?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Kitchen Table Dilemma, opinions welcome

This is my "happy" kitchen table in it's day-to-day-undressed-up glory (with the occasional alligator crossing and box of raisins, complete with the vile dog rope-toy under it).

I bought this, during a time that I was pennypitching, for $125, shortly after I got my first apartment and my only piece of furniture at that time, was my parent's old loveseat. I also remember my Mom tucking $25 into my pocket towards this, after I haggled $25 off the price with the owner via his sister and phone, and hauling it off in my truck.

I was single and traveling all over, but also anticipated the day that my table would be needed to seat more than me (now there is technically4 place settings. :) "My cup runs over.")

At the time, I planned on refinishing it; however, I fell in love with the burnt orange paint eventually and never did. It's "happy". It's worn. It also appears to be oak, and it may also be lead paint. I no longer knead bread or anything of that nature on it, due to the paint chips.

Now, Hubby generously offered to refinish it in honor of our anniversary (ah, the labor of love). The refinishing of choice would be simply a natural finish. But, I am sentimental and excessively fond of it's orange-ness (it also goes with an orange framed mirror close by).

So, does anyone have an opinion (humble or otherwise) to help me decide: to refinish or not??

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

As you can see, one is never wanting for company at our house. This is the view from the computer area. Three dogs lounging in cool comfort like so many throw rugs. I fondly refer to them as "rugs"...rugs that get up and move about the house with you (who doesn't want a rug that rearranges itself? Three of them, no less...).

The end of summer is such a busy time. Everyone, though grateful of course for it's bounty, secretly wishes that the garden would just choke itself now and quietly pass away.
Meanwhile, among our still growing-things, I love "lace vines", a tough perennial vine that gets piles of fairy-lacy flowers towards the end of summer into fall (I'll have to post a picture of the ones that are flowering...very beautiful, plus honey bees love them). I have three of them, and unwisely planted (rather, Hubby did for me) one next to the porch. And when my back is turned...this is what happens... Among all the horse training, AND child training around here, I suppose some "vine training" is in order too.