Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Kitchen Table Dilemma, opinions welcome

This is my "happy" kitchen table in it's day-to-day-undressed-up glory (with the occasional alligator crossing and box of raisins, complete with the vile dog rope-toy under it).

I bought this, during a time that I was pennypitching, for $125, shortly after I got my first apartment and my only piece of furniture at that time, was my parent's old loveseat. I also remember my Mom tucking $25 into my pocket towards this, after I haggled $25 off the price with the owner via his sister and phone, and hauling it off in my truck.

I was single and traveling all over, but also anticipated the day that my table would be needed to seat more than me (now there is technically4 place settings. :) "My cup runs over.")

At the time, I planned on refinishing it; however, I fell in love with the burnt orange paint eventually and never did. It's "happy". It's worn. It also appears to be oak, and it may also be lead paint. I no longer knead bread or anything of that nature on it, due to the paint chips.

Now, Hubby generously offered to refinish it in honor of our anniversary (ah, the labor of love). The refinishing of choice would be simply a natural finish. But, I am sentimental and excessively fond of it's orange-ness (it also goes with an orange framed mirror close by).

So, does anyone have an opinion (humble or otherwise) to help me decide: to refinish or not??

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