Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pants Fit for a Pirate

This is the back view (picture on the left) of my son's old favorite pair of pants. They are his "gypsy" or "pirate" pants (whichever the situation calls for at the time). He dons these for any occasion: the vet coming out, a traipse over to the grandparents, a trip into town, a horseback ride...

They are too short now. And the black part is "pleather." Yes, "pleather," that mysterious material that substitutes for leather and is made of who-knows-what.

It was past time to sew my gypsy/pirate man some suitable attire. So I made him some striped pants and a tunic. As you can see in the upper right-hand picture, the fellow found it quite acceptable (the picture is taken from a distance, because one must be cautious around pirates.)

So the first outfit that I made was met with so much enthusiasm, that in due time it became evident that a second outfit would be necessary, in order to have the opportunity to wash the first outfit.

Meanwhile, another tunic (picture to the right) was completed, this time with a button. And another pair of pants with a vest. The vest is the crowning article of clothing for our pirate, because his 3 favorite buttons from my button box were included.

So these are the first things I've sewn for our son (to wear..he has lots of quilts I've made him), and I have to say that so far he is the most fun to sew for to date, as he is the most enthusiastic and appreciative (translate: no one else laughs with glee over a present, the way he does).


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Bless you and your efforts! The little man surely is special. kls

  2. Gotta love MY boyfriend!!! KAM

  3. Yes, KAM, he knows who his girlfriend is!!!1