Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yet Another Baby Dress

I've had this berry-colored fabric for a long time. I once made something for a friend with it. I've been saving it for the time I could decide what THE perfect pattern for it would be.

I made it based on a tutorial from the Prudent Baby blog, though I made mine with a liner. (tutorial.)
As I made this, I was trying to make it for next summer as a size 12 months. I believe the pattern pieces must not have printed out at the correct scale, because it fits Baby Girl now (about a size 3-6 months). No matter, it's very hip as a tunic over jeans for fall! :))

Oh and check out the buttons. Ah, yes, perfection. No other buttons would do. And again, thank you, Mom, for the button donation right off of your own shirt. (I like to say this, and I'll say it again: "Nobody loves you like your Mother.")

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  1. Your item is lovely....and you are more than welcome! kls