Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Last Say on the Sunflower House

Ah, yes, the end of summer/middle of fall. What you see here is the skeleton that is left of the Sunflower House.

In summary:
Did our child actually play in it often? No.
(I blame the morning glory crisis on this, in part..it didn't feel as much like a house/fort as it ought to have)

However, he helped plant it, weed it, and receives the award for zealously over-watering it for the entire width and breadth of its lifespan.

The Sunflower House, as a purposeful project to spend meaningful time with our child, gets an A+.

The Sunflower House was actually an alternative to satisfy my desires as well as our son's. You see, I am not oblivious to the fact that Strapping Young Lad covets the shiny, battery-operated, just-his-size tractor in the store window. I hear him give a sigh, and gawk as we pass by it. Everytime. Sometimes he even gets to sit on it.

And I'm certainly not above, or too unearthly-good-for, the attraction of that fancy toy; in fact, I'd love to get it for him. And yet, I know from my own childhood (and adulthood), that fancy toys, while certainly not wrong, are not the key to happiness.

So in searching for some thing, some little, but purposeful thing, to invest my time in with Strapping Young Lad; to satisfy the want that the shiny-tractor-in-the-window cultivated for both him and I...that's when I stumbled upon the Sunflower House project. And we'll do it again next year, and we'll also do it better next year (here's to getting the "roof' on next year's Sunflower House).

(If you're new to my blog, please refer to the post for June 26, 2010, for a better understanding of the Sunflower House)

Does Strapping Young Lad still covet the shiny-tractor-in-the-window? Of course. I'm not saying our little project unrealistically fixed wants like that. Rather, it was a very good re-focus of our time and energy together on a little project with big results. And a reminder to me, Strapping Young Lad's Mother, that oftentimes the very simplest of things are the memory-makers. (ie not necessarily dropping a couple hundred dollars on a toy,as much fun as that sounds to me and him)

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