Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby Shoes

I recently made these slippers for Baby Girl, because I have yet to find any booties that will stay on her little feet. The ribbons and elastic-at-the-heel seemed like a good way to go for staying on (they did stay on for a round of I'm-too-tired-to-stay-awake-but-I'm-still-furious-about-being-put-to-bed crying, so I count these as a reasonable success.)

There are a bunch of free tutorials out there for making baby booties or shoes. Just "google" it.

Meanwhile, Strapping Young Lad has also been busy and informed us the other day that he's headed to Texas in his dump truck. (That's my boy...)

Hubby laughed and told him he'd fit right in with the Texans, because they like to do things "big" too.

So, if you see a sturdy, young fella in a bright yellow, slightly-beaten-up Tonka dump trunk heading south at a slow-but-steady pace..honk...he's ours... ;)

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