Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Barely Bear Project (Part 1)

So while reading a book to Strapping Young Lad, the plot unfolds, and the book's characters make a big cat from fabric to scare off some mice....

Strapping Young Lad decides we need to make a cat, just like in the book. Shortly after this announcement, he amended his decision that it is a bear (not a cat) that we "need" to make.

The last time I made a stuffed animal of any kind, I was somewhere between the ages of 5 and 10, and my mother did most of the work while I impatiently waited for my bear. This is a picture of said bear, which, amazingly, I still have. (Cool fabric, huh. Good call, Mom. But I digress...)

Here is a picture of Strapping Young Lad's and my bear-to-be...nice pattern, eh? It really was more for me to keep in mind what shape he was to be, as I started hacking fabric. Please note the careful editing done by Strapping Young Lad...Hubby had contributed an aerial view of the bear-to-be for my design purposes; but Strapping Young Lad cut that off because "it really doesn't look like a bear.", he said. (Ah, the wisdom of the Very Young.)

I wisely gave us the luxury of two-days time to complete this important project, and all involved-parties were informed that there would not be a finished bear today. So at the end of Day 1, after much cutting, pinning, and stuffing, this is what we had to show for our efforts.

Lest you be quick to judge, this is only the bear's body. Though it was at this point, I thought this evolving creature would make a very nice turtle. Nevertheless, it is a bear, not a turtle, that we set out to make; so onward we march.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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