Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Front Door Fashion

As I typed this title, I realized that I overuse the concept of alliteration (ie using the same initial consonant/sound for each word: front fashion or barely bear) quite a bit. No matter.

Posting here today about my front door, if that interests you.

I recently made the momentous decision that said door needed some color. The only interesting thing about this door was the cast-iron, black mammy door knocker. (Purchased by Ebay- business-partner in a box lot of stuff at an auction. I snorted at and ridiculed the black mammy, and declared that it would never sell. It became the butt of many jokes. And then one day, I realized that I had become excessively fond of it, and put it on my own door. This is now the second door that it has graced. It's okay; you don't have to like it...but she makes me smile.)

Now paint color choice: Still loving "robin's egg blue", but was not able to find that exact shade, as my attempted selections seemed to swing between "smurf blue" and "institutional
green/blue" (remember the chicken house?)..so I settled on an entirely different color: "yellow."

Not lemon or pale, and certainly not mustard...think Tuscan-sun yellow. The way the afternoon sun hits our house suits the final paint selection just right; deep, lazy, sun-warmed yellow. And (bonus) it really complements the Black Mammy.

It looks a bit more Caribbean (or something) in the picture, than the actual shade is... Meanwhile, we (rather, I) got what we needed, which was a little more color in our lives.
And there it is.

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