Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harness the Imagination

"What?", you may ask. Allow me to explain...
The above picture you are looking at is Baby Girl's socks placed with precision and care somewhere interesting to Strapping Young Lad. This is part of the scenes of my everyday life that make me break out in a grin, when I happen upon them. At the time, I folded these socks and absentmind-edly set them aside to put away later.

Later never came, because I could not find them (again), until I happened upon them another day; this time they were two bright spots of turquoise in a sea of white socks in Strapping Young Lad's dresser.

That's one of my favorite things about my Lad. I frequently find little things ferreted away, tucked carefully into something he thought would be a good holder. (Hubby and I check our rubber boots before putting them on; it's not uncommon to find a tractor, sticks, or other miscellaneous stuffed into them.)

Everyday I find mini-scenes staged around the house, like the one below. Anything he touches gets "arranged."
Strapping Young Lad also enjoys being in the middle of projects (doesn't matter what: construction, cooking, sewing...any will do). I'm learning to involve him, rather than try to work around him. He is the same fellow that it's like I'm pulling his teeth to get him to color a nice picture, and yet he comes up with some very creative things, when I let him loose with something that interests him.
For example, I felt that this scrap and pin number (he made it, while I was pinning pattern pieces) was fairly creative, as well as precise. Now, you may be thinking that I should receive the "Bad Mother of the Month" award for allowing my four-year-old to play with pins, but...well, he is so exacting, and interested in tools/implements of any kind (he also retrieves tools in the garage for us, when neither Hubby nor I, know where the needed-tool is).

So I can barely get my kiddo to color, but he sure can pin-up some abstract art. :)

And there it is for today.

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