Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ribbon Flowers Ideas

I'm a little tired today, because I was up too late learning how to make ribbon flowers (whilst watching "Ice Road Truckers"...which if I had an unlimited lifetime span, after a brief course in mechanics I would be inclined to go and do...but that's another story). During my little-late-night study on making ribbon flowers, this youtube tutorial was my favorite, and I had the best results with this method.

Try it, it's easy. The flowers are marvelous embellishments: use them to dress up your gift wrapping, glue to hair accessories, or turn into a pin.

Also check out this site for some different twists:
Ribbon flower and modified Dior rose

Periodically, I force myself to try something new; generally, I'm impatient and simply want to be in the middle of the creative process and don't want to slow down to proceed through the tedium of learning-the-new.

Anyway, my flowers are now adorning some little-girl headbands. I added button centers, which is a move I'm fond of.

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