Monday, November 22, 2010

Upcycling A Vintage Bib (continued)

And here we have it (sometimes blogging about it seems more difficult to complete, than the actual making-of-it)....the result of my upcycle of a vintage bib. This is a happy skirt for Baby Girl. Yes, it'll be awhile until she can wear it (it's probably a 2T-3T), but I didn't want to make the bib itself any smaller. I used a pale pink and white vintage-style print fabric for the skirt, that I've been hoarding; it has whimsical baby critters on it. (I also have the fabric in blue. :) I just could not bring myself to chop this fabric up for a quilt, and I think it's better suited for this now anyway.
Thanks for the rockin' bunny bib, Mom! (Am I the only one who frequently uses "rockin'" as a descriptor...)

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