Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby Christmas Dress

I bought this fabric for $1.50 a yard at (cough, cough) Walmart, not knowing what I would do with it; just knowing that I really, really liked it.

Another descriptor that I tend to overuse is "charmed", but charmed I was, by this fabric. I ought to have taken a close-up picture so you could see better, but it's puffy, little red birdies with sprigs of pine and pinecones, and the's flannel.
Since the taking-of-this photo, I have appliqued a birdie and pinecone on each pocket. The back ties with a red ribbon.
And I am particularly proud of the red ruffles at the sleeve and hem...not b/c of the actual ruffle itself, but b/c I didn't buy the red flannel that I had planned on buying. Instead, I re-purposed a red t-shirt that I never wear anyway and did not have to spend another penny (If you could see my fabric stash you would have a better understanding of why I'm trying to use-what's-on-hand instead of buying new. :) ).
At any rate, my bright-blue eyed, strong, little Angel Baby Girl looks like a precious peep herself in this dress. It's not quite Christmas-day-dinner quality, but whatever..I had a ball making it.


  1. For us Appalachians, it's definitely Christmas dinner quality!!! Love it!

  2. Lol. That is a good point...for us Appalachians...