Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Cape

I looked high and low for a cape pattern for Strapping Young Lad.  The main inspiration for a cape for the young man: a TV advertisement (from a few years ago) showing a little boy gliding through a meadow on his white pony with looking glass in hand; it was all very dreamy and somewhat pirate-y/gypsy as well, and it would cause  tears to well up in my eyes.  And I always felt especially foolish, because the advertisement ends then, in a bathroom with a billowing shower curtain and it's promoting (wait for it, wait for it)...... a bathroom cleaner.

Anyhow, the cape. I did not want a superhero cape. Or costume cape.  As you can see here, what I ended up making for him could be called: "Lumberjack meets Robin Hood" or "Zoro Rides in Appalachia." Or something.
I really liked the cape pattern in a Japanese sewing pattern book, of all things, that I found online.  The rest of the book hooked me in, as well, so I bought it.

The only problem is, that it's in Japanese.  I don't even know the name of my pattern book.  There is a small niche of enthusiastic fans of Japanese pattern books, and I'm afraid that I've joined the ranks.
If you have a basic knowledge of general garment construction (ie you've made a couple of clothing articles at some point or another), you'd be just fine to follow the numbers and do some guessing as needed.

The pattern sheets are a bit intimidating, but not as bad as it looks.  You just need locate (the most difficult part) the correct pattern pieces in the mix and trace it onto separate paper.

I also took my time and researched and found online the interpretations of the Japanese symbols for some basic pattern terms such as "front", "back", "interfacing", "bias"..and etc, which was quite helpful.

I found a lot of information, such as figuring out their sizing (90 cm, 100 cm) to pick the right pattern size for my son.  If anyone is actually interested in sewing from some Japanese patterns, I'll post again with some basic information to get you started and all the links that I found helpful.  Just leave a comment on this post.

Otherwise, you just get to hear about my new fetish.  Back to the cape... the best part about this cape, frankly, is the view of Strapping Young Lad from the back when he runs in it. 

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