Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Celtic Quilt

This is a quilt that I'm working on presently.  This is the original layout (have not sewn the blocks together); and at this point, I felt that it was unremarkable and...boring (yawn).

I initially intended for these fabrics to be for a quilt for Beautiful Baby Girl, but as I worked with the fabrics, they just didn't "seem like her", if you know what I mean.

At any rate, with a family member's recent trip to Ireland (yes, we have "roots" there) serving as inspiration, I decided to applique some celtic knot designs on the blank white blocks of the quilt.  Here is my modest start:
This being my first trip out with celtic knot applique (might be my last; will have to see if I love it or not), I kept the knot designs fairly simple.

I am one of those quilters that generally does not pre-wash and dry fabric before using it and have never had a problem.  Unfortunately, I shrunk about 2" off of my blocks with the appliques on it, with what-I-believe-was overenthusiastic ironing.

No matter, true quilting is about ad libbing and making do with whatcha got, so I'll merely resquare them and add a border to each. Just a touch more work. :))

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  1. Process is interesting and project is taking on the Celtic heritage that is yours! Fabric choices are really just right! kls