Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Decorations Part 1

The day after Thanksgiving...tradition holds to trudge out together as a family to get our tree. So we do. I also take upon myself to decorate for Christmas, in it's entirety. Hubby gamely wielded a hammer while I directed. Now, we do not purchase Christmas trees. Huh unh. No money spent, no groomed trees. Rather, we end up with trees of "character" (lol!!).

The three of us meandered down to the horse pasture while Baby Girl slept; to pick out a choice Christmas tree. We did have a small falling-out in the pasture, while Strapping Young Lad and I debated which tree and how many ( I was lobbying for an additional one for the porch, as well as one for Strapping Young Lad's room; which Hubby was strongly opposed to). We (Strapping Young Lad and I) did come to an agreement on a tall, slender specimen for our Christmas tree; while Hubby obligingly sawed it down. Strapping Young Lad and Hubby proceeded to dicker over who was to drag the tree (though we all know who can, and who cannot drag the tree, at this point...Strapping Young Lad was then appeased by the privilege of carrying the saw...)

And here is this year's Beauty...

It was regal and graceful in a scrappy way, until we had to cut off 3 foot of it, because where we put it is the lowest point on our ceiling.

Nevertheless, we are bound by this tree's charms. And fittingly, it is evident that Strapping Young Lad had a strong hand in ornament-placement (some branches have 3-5 ornaments; other branches are batting zero :) )...

My entire life, we have always had "Charlie Brown" (home-grown)trees. And I love them. Love, love, love. I prefer things that are "interesting" to look at, rather than "perfect."

The "Charlie Brown" tree evokes feelings for me beyond it's inherent charms..Back in the day, my beloved Dad planted hundreds of Christmas trees, with the intent of using them to help save towards his children's college funds..until the deer "nailed" them.

Those trees did not quite cut the mustard for college funding, but they sure did contribute to making every Christmas merry.

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