Monday, December 6, 2010

Grape Cordial Recipe Tutorial

This is a brief introduction to the world of cordial-making. I have not had the pleasure of making my own cordials, but we can thank my lovely sister-in-law (we'll just call her Sister J, here), who lives just over the mountain from our house, for the subject matter here today. So, my Sister J is not only quite adept in the kitchen, but she is a talented photographer as well (please note the unusually high-quality pictures in my blog today...). Oh, and did I mention that she's also a beekeeper...

I have kept the recipe with her endearing comments intact. Let's begin, shall we...

Grape-Honey Cordial

  • 1 C grapes (or one half jar)
  • 2 C vodka (or brandy)(or filled to the shoulders of the jar)
  • honey syrup (directions to follow): for pint jar about 1/3 c, for quart jar 3/4 cup
    (in place of honey syrup) sugar syrup 3/4- 1-1/4 c (2x as much needed as the honey syrup)
Syrup directions (to be made later):
Bring 1 c honey and 2 c water to a boil. If using sugar, boil 1 c sugar with 1-2 cups water for 5 minutes.

Wash and dry grapes. Then, either pierce with a needle or cut in pieces (helps the alcohol get to the good stuff inside.)

Place grapes and alcohol in a tightly closed jar. Steep for 1-2 weeks; shaking jar occasionally.

After the 1-2 weeks, strain. Place grape pulp in a large piece of cheesecloth and twist to get out all the juice. Add that juice to cordial, then filter. Now, add the honey syrup/sugar syrup, to taste. Mature for two weeks (or the deep of winter). Drink. Be happy.

This last picture just about says it all (yes, you want to spend an evening at Sister J's house, don't you...), but in her words:

"The cordial, finished, smells like wild concord grapes, and is sweet...the grapes and honey came from my little piece of land, the closest thing to heaven that I've got."

How about a toast to a bit of self-sufficiency and homemade goodness. (I know what we're doing with our grapes next 'bout you? :) )

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  1. Just picked my wild Concord grapes today, and will definitely start making the cordial tomorrow. =]