Thursday, December 30, 2010

On being "30"

I have recently joined the ranks of the privileged members of the world that can be lumped into the category of "in their 30's".  I am no longer a sweet, young thing (lol!); am somewhat seasoned and getting a bit long in the tooth, officially.  Though I don't feel that way.

And for once, I don't have any long-winded thoughts on this topic (turning 30) or anything especially poignant to say, either. Just some pix to share of someone else (critter) in his 30's...

So, speaking of "long in the tooth" (if you're not familiar with horse terminology, that's just another way of saying "getting old"), this little fella, of unknown exact age, could quite possibly be approaching his 40's.  Cute, isn't he? 

This is Mo.  Mo is one of the hairiest old men I've ever known.  He's sweet and unlike most ponies does not take advantage of small children.  He does not buck, bite, rear, or run off; therefore, he is priceless and a valued member of the family.

Just don't get in his way when it's time for a feeding.  He's very serious about his food.

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