Monday, January 24, 2011

Fabric Flower Giveaway

So once I got going with cutting bias strips of fabric for Baby Girl's smock, I kept cutting and made a skirt for me. (read on to get to the giveaway part)

I'm fairly picky at sewing things for myslef to wear, because sometimes it's a lot of work, and sometimes I don't really love the end product.  Take this shirt, for example.  I found it in a box of old things, a blast from the past; I had started to sew it and never finished it.  I recently  finished it.  It's nice.  Would I buy it? Probably not, because it's kind of just-another-shirt.  And for some reason, it's just not that comfortable.  And it looks.."home-made". (Hand-made and Home-made are different beasts, the latter is not so desireable.)

Back to the A-line skirt that's embellished with some bias strips based on the tutorial from No Big Dill.  I like it.  However, something about it feels vaguely ill-fitting, something with how the skirt hangs; I think I made it too much of an "A" shape (at no fault of the tutorial)....  I'm considering re-fashioning it into a little girl cape. What do you think? Should it stay a skirt, or start it's new life out as a cape?

So this brings me to the fabric-flower giveaway:

Very simple for you, merely leave a comment on this post, before Friday. 
Included in said comment, give your opinion (stay a skirt or make a cape), as well as, pick a number between 1 and 50, stating your chosen number in your comment.

I already have a number picked and the person who guesses it, or is the closest to it, will be mailed these two fabric flowers. I can put a pin backing on them, if the winner so desires. 
(There would have been a third flower, but, alas; I jammed my trusty sewing machine; it did not rally; thus, it is presently waiting to be carted off for repairs...)

"What would I do with fabric flowers?", you may ask...

Well, pin one on a lampshade, or a hat, your coat lapel, or on a scarf.  Embellish a gift with one.  Use them as a decor accent with candles for dinner with you and your sweetie.  Be daring and wear one in you hair (isn't grey so understated)...

And if none of those suggestions inspire you... just give it up, put on something flowing, and cavort and frolic with the winter-wonderland-creatures and toss them (the flowers, not the creatures) into the air and hope that, perhaps, someone is capturing your magical moment on camera....
(In case you think I'm being serious; I'm poking-fun at my fabric flowers a bit here.  One must not take theirself too seriously, I suppose.)

So, comment away and by Friday we'll have one lucky new owner of the flowers. :-)


  1. I marvel at your creativity. Keep your creation as a skirt. Try wearing black tights with it too with different footwear. Give me a 21? kls

  2. Lovely blogs as always! I must do something with my big tin of buttons! The skirt is lovely....sheer black tights maybe for winter...the homemade blouse would perhaps be more comfy without sleeves. Make it work for summer. If it is not too selected number would be 8 for the day I met my husband.
    Enjoy your snowy covered weekend! Jo

  3. Thank you for the opinions, kls and Jo! I'll keep it as a skirt for a year and see if I wear it... :-)
    And it was not too late to enter your number, Jo. LOL. I actually see that you had a bit over half an hour til Friday was over.