Friday, January 21, 2011

For the Love of Trucks

Having been a truck driver (18 wheels), which is not a "career" most aspire to,  has changed me forever.  More on that later, I suppose, but allow me to go back to the beginning and the love of trucks:

It began, I believe, when I was about 12 and I was sitting with my Dad in a little restaurant in our little town.  My Dad had taken me out to lunch (sometimes he did that; he'd pick me up from school and just the two of us went out to eat.  Very affirming for me...).  One of the restaurant windows, was directly at the edge of the alley. 

Meanwhile, I watched as a "lifted" Toyota pickup truck rolled up and abruptly stopped at the stop sign.  A cute young woman was driving.  Her ponytail bounced.

That's it.  Eccentric, huh.  I guess before then, I was charmed with how Pappy drove a "big truck."  He took us for a ride.  And at our cabin, I would lay at night and hear the sad whine of trucks rolling by on Route 6 in those I love that sound and it still fills me with nostalgia.  I didn't know either, that someday, I'd be easing up Route 6,  by the cabin, driving a "bullwagon" (tractor trailer that hauls cattle).

Well, my first vehicle was an ugly, little Mazda pickup.  My BFF and I would try to go off-roading in it, like I saw my big brother and his friends (Hubby) doing.  I remember cranking "Joyride" up (we were a joyride alright), and then shortly thereafter, getting stuck somewhere (only 2WD, what an idiot!), and walking to a phone to call Hubby (he was not Hubby, yet, then!) to come please pull us out.  Hubby gets many points, not only for coming-to-the-rescue, but because he also stopped to pick flowers for moi on the way. (What a guy...) 
Oh, and that's a painstakingly-hand-painted canoe on the Mazda, and no, we did not attempt to "offroad" with the canoe on. 

By the way,  it is always humbling when someone else is hooking a chain up to your truck.  I have had many chains hooked up to my own pickup trucks, and a few times to the tractor trailers I've driven. 

More pickup trucks followed that I all abused equally, hauling my horses 1000's of miles: after the Mazda, a Dodge Dakota, and then finally, my all-time preferred truck,  an F350.  White.  In the old Ford style.  She shines when she's going down the road.  I still have her. 

That about sums up the pickups I've owned.  The years I spent working at a farm and guiding horsback trips introduced me to diesel pickups (my initial reaction to driving a diesel was "oh my..."). 

The growl of a diesel engine still makes my heart speed up a little.  That's all I have to say about that.

 And eventually one thing led to another (a Class A CDL), and that's a story for another day.

Do we have any other truck-lovers out there?

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