Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Going to the Bathroom and Privacy When You're a Mom

This is a typical scenario at any given time during the day when I decide to use the "loo":
I go into our bathroom holding Baby Girl, followed by my constant black shadow (my first dog).  I shut the door, lay Baby Girl on a blanket, and start to "take care of business." 
Present Bathroom Occupancy: 3

In what is only a moment, polite knocking can be heard on the door.  I say, "Yes?", knowing of course, who-it-is-and-what-he-wants.  Strapping Young Lad asks, "May I come in?"  I think, "Whatever...", sigh, and say, "Of course, do come in..." (if I don't, he will insist on having an annoyingly muffled, as well as, detailed conversation through the door).

He comes in, followed immediately by the other two dogs.  He turns to me and asks, "Do you need privacy?" I affirm that, yes, some privacy would be nice; so he turns and firmly shuts the door.  "We're safe in here," he states. (It is a jungle out there!) 

Present Bathroom Occupancy: 6
(3 dogs, 3 people)
In a matter of moments, the bathroom head count has doubled and every living being in the house has joined me in the loo.

But according to Strapping Young Lad "we're safe" in there and I guess the more the merrier.

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