Friday, January 28, 2011

In Between Projects

We know we're getting "old" when Hubby and I are like, "ooohh, let 's sit by the window with our coffee so we can watch the birds!!...", in the same tone that we used to say, "Let's go on a roadtrip!". 
 (Anyone relate?  Nevertheless, it does seem to be about the small pleasures, eh.)

Been puttering with little things.  Tailored a shirt for Hubby.  Made a cover for a bolster pillow (Because we all know that the cover is always easier to wash than the pillow.  Strapping Young Lad mourned that the snappy green pillow is now covered up with the sedate, in comparison, cover that I made...) 

I'm presently stalled on the Celtic Quilt, while waiting for fabric-to-arrive to make the borders, finish the applique', and put  the back on it. 

What to start next, what to start next...

What are you working on... (Besides dinner.  Dessert would be nice, however.)


  1. I'm currently obsessed with knitting. I'm not knitting anything spectacular...they're just dishcloths. But (I'm SURE that YOU more than most will appreciate that) this particular dishcloth I'm knitting has the shape of a barn on it. So it's a more-special-than-most dishcloth. And highly coveted. (By me)

  2. Great photo of the snow and bird covered trees!

  3. Jo: Thanks for the compliment...the bird feeder you gave us seems to be the bird-neighborhood-party-center.

    Beth: I didn't know you knit..something new or have you been doing awhile. I'm intrigued by the barn shape. I really must see ought to share a picture when you're finished.

  4. PS I intend to try knitting someday..?!

  5. I've been knitting for years on and off...I love it. Knitting allows me to sit still (hard for me to do) and still be moving at the same time. It's relaxing and very lovely.

    I'll post a pic later of the cloth when I'm done. You can see it here: