Friday, January 14, 2011

Ruffly (Bias Strip) Shirt for Baby Girl

I've been wanting to try embellishing something with this bias strip method I read about at no big dill...check it out here.

So I consulted with my basement store stash, and chose an arcadia gold silk with a bit of shine,
pure white starlite satin, and an antique-style satin.

I decided to add some color with coffee....
(Hubby was slightly dismayed that this freshly brewed pot of java was not for him...)

I let the fabric soak for a few hours; and the end result was a creamy, warm color (not brown!), which is more or less, what I was going for.

I started  with this simple smock-like shirt that I made from the antique-style fabric (pre-coffee-soak), loosely patterned off of a shirt that presently fits Baby Girl.  It's a trifle boring at this point, and certainly nothing to write home about.  But next is the fun part: embellishing.

And throw in a little gathering (by sewing with elastic thread) at the neckline, a huge (functioning, not just for looks!) button, that rivals the size of Baby Girl's head, on the back, and...

Who knew...that tacking on a few bias-cut fabric strips could be so fancy-schmancy. This looks like Baby Girl should be meeting girlfriends for brunch in this...

 but really she'll be hangin' out in her baby-chair, chewing on her favorite toy while her big bro slays dragons around her....

And there They are.

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