Thursday, January 6, 2011

Still Going On the Celtic Quilt

This is the quilt top, thus far.  I'll be adding a border and I've also resigned myself to adding more knot applique in the white edge triangles (any opinions are me from my self-imposed torture...or not)

These are the three different knots I used.  The top one is classified as a quaternary design, meaning that it has 4 distinct elements.  These could symbolize the 4 seasons, the 4 directions (North, South, East...), the 4 elements...  As a wanderer-at-heart, I like all of those possibilities for a meaning.  This can also symbolize protection.

The second symbol is also a quaternary design, just a variation.

And the third symbol is a triquetra design, the Trinity knot which may be more familiar to you.  It could mean the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost; or Father, Mother, Child; Spirit, Mind, Body... I like all those meanings, too.

Now, a word on one of my favorite elements in many of my quilts..the "sour" fabric. The one (fabric) that doesn't seem to "go", prior to construction.  This is my sour fabric for this quilt.  Which I had to use, because if you remember, I shrunk the Celtic knot blocks and had to add a border.  Is this yellow? Or is it green?

See how it breaks up the monotony of the mostly turquoise and orange color scheme? I needed a little break from the color scheme, and I think I got one. :)

I'm not resisting the urge to summarize with a Celtic quote, that I found whilst researching the knots, for you:
"Add moonlight for contrast and shadowy suspense
Add sunlight for bright clarity and illumination
Mix them both in your soul-pallette and
become the horizon, spreading into
your full expanse"
Maybe I can quilt in a little bit of that... :-)

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