Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Third Flower

I mentioned in the previous post that there was-to-have-been a third flower to give away, but my sewing machine broke.  Well, I hauled out and dusted off my old sewing machine, and whipped up the third one.  This one has a button.  (Aren't buttons just the ticket...)

And I do need to say, that my present flower muse, went from ribbon flowers to fabric  flowers because they're a little more "grand"...and this was inspired by my dear friend Debra..who almost always wears a flower. A large flower.  I am inspired by her immense enjoyment of all large-flower-embellishments. It makes me grin, actually.

So, moving along, do comment away (and don't forget to pick your random number between 1 and 50...why up to "50" you may ask..I thought it would be more suspenseful that way... :-) ),
to enter for 3 fabric flowers.  And, yes, some things are better in three's.

 Bowl of flowers, Anyone?

1 comment:

  1. You make me smile! I actually am sporting a large silver flower today, compliments of a gracious co-worker.