Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Chores With Wee Ones

We have a variety of creatures that require care about 3x a day.  I sneak in the first round of chores, before the wee ones are up, early in the morning.  The next trek out to the critters is midday.  And the last round, is around supper time, and sometimes I can "con" (ie persuade) Hubby into doing that one when he gets home from work (it helps if I'm busy cooking something especially tasty for supper).

It is the midday round of chores that I like to haul the kiddies out for.  And I love multi-tasking. And I love packing them on the sled.  I can get two grain buckets on with them as well, but pictured is only one bucket.  Oh, and look closely,  there's a magazine tucked in the baby seat with Baby Girl, to return to Mom, who-lives-on-the-other-side-of-the-trees, so we go for a little jaunt while we're at it.

The shortest leg of our small journey is downhill, which is nice because we're most heavily loaded to start.  Offload feed buckets for some greedy horses and onward we trudge (rather, I trudge, they ride).

Anyway, we try to have fun.  We really try.  "Having fun" usually entails alot more work, than if you simply just "got the job done", but it's worth it.  And I'd like to encourage you to seek to turn your mundane tasks into a good time somehow, today

 I don't know what that looks like for you...
 but this time for us it's an overloaded sled. :-)

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