Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Day

On this day, it was heavy and quiet with snow.  There was an excess of effervescing, as I went out in the dark to do the morning chores, with my entourage.

I lost count of the number of times our old, arthritic husky-mix dog, Wolfy, went down for a good roll in the powdery stuff.  It looks like her ecstatic version of snow-angels.
Can you spot, below, the two, slinky, black creatures skulking about?

I checked out the chickens when I scattered their corn, and was met with the sight of some puffy-chicken-heinys still roosting. "We're not coming out," they said. ;)

I decided, "Today it is more important to play... (than the others things I wanted to 'get done')..." And we did.

Strapping Young Lad was overjoyed, and Baby Girl was merely stoic and tolerant of the ensuing activities (after of course, her obligatory screaming, while I stuffed her into her winter-wear).

While pausing to rest from dragging my two heavyweights around on various sleds, I watched the snow blow across the mountain and the moment kind of took what-was-left-of-my -breath away too.

These are some tired doggy paws at the front door, waiting to go in and snooze by the cozy coal stove.


  1. Enjoy your musings...lovely really!kls

  2. The mountain-luminescent light pictures are FABULOUS, frameable, magic. -j