Monday, January 17, 2011


Regal.  Noble and elegant.  Gentle and Loyal.  These define Wolfy.

"Wolf-Baby" joined our happy home less than a year ago.  She's going on 12 years old now, a Husky/German Shepherd mix.

She is in overall decent health for her age, minus an initial $500 vet bill to care for a rotten tooth, when we first got her.  Of all the dogs, she appreciates a good time as much as anyone.  And she would play harder, if her arthritic hips would allow it.  When, we're outside, this old girl knows the meaning of "frolic."

It looks like she's "putting the smack down" in this picture, but she just likes to give our French Brittany  "love bites", when they play.  He does not seem to think that it is all that loving, eh.

We accepted her from a family that had "outgrown" having a dog, and couldn't easily provide for her well-being anymore.  She fit into our family seamlessly.  She had been a bit subdued when we got her; now she blossomed.  We  frequently comment that we wish we'd had her all along. 

We watched her hanging out on my parent's porch a summer day, as our whole family picnicked, and I was saying how we hope that she has at least one good year of life with us... And my brother looked at this happy dog and commented something to the affect that, it doesn't matter if it takes your whole life to get where you're supposed to be, just as long as you get there.

And here she is.  Isn't she a baby doll.

She's wonderful with babies and kids.  If there are kids around, she's with them, keeping an eye on things.  Overseeing, perhaps.

She's loyal and protective.  Now, because she's old, when she gets up from lying down, she totters and shakes a bit until she gets her bearings. But if she feels that we and/or she are being violated... we all watch with glee, as she gets up and threatens to get out the can of whoop*ss, in between shakes, towards whatever is bothering her.

On the other hand, some interesting bad habits include that she likes to get in the garbage and also rip into and eat miscellaneous, but only if we leave her behind at the house without us.  We love to say (croon, is more like it) with the highest affection: "You are a bad, baaaad, girl...", and accordingly she lays her ears back and looks repentant.

This is what I see peering in if I've waited too long to let her back inside, after I put her out-to-pee. See the-mask-in-the-window?

Now, who can resist this face?

This is One of my Favorite Things.

She is One of my Favorite Things.


  1. I love the pictures of this particular precious bear rug. -j

  2. Thanks. :-) I (and she)feel that she photographs well. lol