Monday, February 21, 2011

Fabric Giveaway

Time for a little giveaway. I've been raving about the infamous blue cubicle fabric, and now I'm going to give a yard of it away to one of you who reads this blog. :-)

All you have to do is: leave a comment on this post, by Friday, telling me what you think you'd do with it (the fabric) and pick a number between 1 and 50.

That's it.

Now go on, leave a comment, and you'll be glad you did, especially if you win a yard of this amazing (stain-resistant, rustic, textured), multi-purpose fabric. lol


  1. Yeah another givaway! If I should be the winner of the amazing blue fabric...I think I would also use it to back a pillow...I would like to make a pillow from an old sweater (ecru cotton) that belonged to a special Mom's beau...who is no longer with us. However, Mom's new little poodle is his namesake and should have a pillow for his little head. My favorite number this week is the number 8...the date I met my husband in person...and the date our vacation starts this year! Wish me luck! BTW beautiful sunrise over the 'ring curb'...didn't know the practice ring could look so good! Jo

  2. I'll leave a comment this time (with a number). The last give away, I refrained...because, though I thought the fabric flowers were beautiful, I just never have been the kind of girl who adornes herself with flowers of any sort. I figured there were more people who would use them. ;)
    I'd like to pick # 30. If I win the material, I'll be pairing it with burlap it to either make a couple gift bags OR I'll cross stitch something onto it as a future Christmas gift and frame it. ha ha (Is it crazy that I'm making Christmas presents in February?)

  3. I would probably use the blue cubicle fabric to back a pillow and "upcycle" one or more of my "Good Will" finds that I purchased just for the fabric. The number that I pick is (lucky) #27. KAM

  4. Lovely, lovely winter photos!
    Fabric is awesome for pillows and I too would have to make it into some sort of pillow to match another sofa pillow. My # would be 22.

  5. Thank-you Laurie for the fabric! As soon as I have a "free moment", I will get started with my project....Josh is home this week on Spring break. Thanks again! Love, Kim