Friday, February 18, 2011

The Invincible Cubicle Fabric

If you've been following this'll know that I've referenced the heather blue fabric in my Ebay store, which was manufactured specifically to cover office cubicle covers, several times.  I am determined to personally use this fabric for every purpose imagineable, other than for cubicles (because I don't have any of those).

Because I have alot of it.  And because I can.

So far, I've made a great cowboy vest for Strapping Young Lad with it.
And backed a pillow with it.

And now I wished to make a cape for Baby Girl with it (Think Little-Red-Riding-Hood); however, I did not want it to be heather blue, anymore.  I decided to dye it scarlet red to match the lining for the cape, which is a flannel with blue and green floral and a little note of red coming from a small flower accent. 

This picture is my test of various fabrics and how well they would accept dye.
You can see here that my blue-cubicle-fabric flunks the dye-ability test.  However, I do feel that it would be safe to say in my Ebay store listing that this fabric is, if nothing else, certainly stain resistant. Which is, in my opinion, commendable.

Oh and Baby Girl did score a flower headband from the fabric strips for the dye test.

What happens to Baby Girl's cape plans, you may ask.  I regrouped, found a new-to-me discount fabric store online, and ordered a very nice heavy red fabric.  It's not here yet.  Thus far, I have been very loyal to due to their reasonable prices, but this online store I stumbled upon now, has high quality cuts for Walmart prices (ie $3 or so a yard).  Even Italian wool.  More on that another day. :-)

For now, announcing on Monday another giveaway.  I bet you can't guess what it might be...I keep mentioning it...

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