Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Red Gingham Hood

This is Baby Girl's finished cape.  Complete with a handmade gingham ruffle, which I pleated rather than gathered.

I mentioned before that I was pleased with shopping with a new-to-me online store that I found, and bought this quality red flannel for Baby Girl's Cape.  Fashion Fabrics Club

Very reasonable prices for high quality fabrics.  AND when I went through the checkout process, the form asked if I would like matching thread for each item of my purchase.  That impressed me; it took some of the angst out of my project because I did not have to search for or spend any more time shopping for a thread that would match.  So there you have it.  Check it out if you have any fabric needs...

PS Will Post the Fabric Giveaway Winner On Saturday...
Have enjoyed the comments thus far.
Stay Tuned.


  1. Love Baby Girl....cape is really cute! Nice photos too! kls

  2. Oh my goodness! "Baby Girl" looks SO cute! She also looks a lot like her Daddy! I don't think I've seen a picture of her face recently...such a cute little thing! And the cape is adorable too! What a great seamstress you are!

  3. Yes, she does look like her Daddy, but she's got her Momma's

    And thanks "anonymous"!