Tuesday, February 8, 2011


No, I'm certainly not writing a "how-to" (on organizing).

I am not naturally very organized.  I do; however, appreciate organization when it's achieved.  But as you can see from the picture of my work station (above), that is more unlikely, than not.  In my defense, the desk is our computer desk, my sewing station, and Hubby's laptop is parked to the left in the picture, under the manila folder.

And I'm always in the middle of making-something.

With this setup, I can multitask on the computer, whilst sewing.  Or can sew for 10 minutes, while I wait for water to boil (or something similiar to that) in the kitchen.  Aaand, I can work side-by-side with Hubby, while he works on his laptop.  Which is, by the way, one of my favorite things.  It is not, sadly, as much one of Hubby's favorite things, due to the irritating drone of the sewing machine and the tendency of fabric/materials to be all over what he's working on.

Back to organizing, my goal this year is to become slightly more organized.  (Baby steps, baby steps...)  You could say I already have a jump start on it, because this summer, due to a grave bad call by Someone-Who-Shall-Remain-Un-Named, my entire fabric stash got blasted with running water from a pipe in the basement.  Hubby and I spent a day stringing  all the fabric up on the porch and outside to dry.  Nevertheless,  this highly inconvenient episode, more or less, forced me to fold and store my fabric organized by color (wonders never cease).

Would you like to see my teeny, tiny latest-attempt towards organization?

My Mema's Catty Nine Tails Sugar Dish.  I have so many sugar dishes from my grandmother, and other little miscellaneous pottery from my travels.  And now I've finally started to use them (two pottery dishes are containing the neosporin and odds and ends in the medicine cabinet...it looks so nice and miscellaneous doesn't hit anyone on the head anymore, when we open the cabinet door).

Anyway, this little container now contains my machine needles.  It's nice to see what I have and what I'm almost out of... how about that.  Plus, it really irritates me to spend any significant funds on organizing bins/boxes, and this didn't cost anything. And it's quaint.

So you're probably thinking "And this is a revelation? I've been doing this all along..."  But at least some minor improvements are being made, and I can find "things."


(Meanhwile, The Pot Cupboard still looks the same as it always has; I don't see any major changes happening there...)


  1. Yeah...I've been organizing too...just chip away at it a little at a time. I LOVE the idea of organization, but buying ugly, pre-made, plastic crates and stuff is not appealing. I like your sugar dish idea...you're turning something you love and was your Mema's into something that is also useful. ~Love it!

    Have you ever heard of "Fly Lady?" The whole flylady thing can be really hokey, and they're REALLY annoying because they're always talking about their "feelings," but the system is good. I used it when we were selling out house in Atlanta...and it worked wonders! Google flylady...and don't laugh. Try it (minus the touchy-feely junk, of course.)
    The system works well for me because I tend to get "stuck" when I am faced with terribly disorganized areas. Plus, I lose interest in big projects easily, so their ideas of using timers/small steps is great for me.

    Good luck!

  2. Love to read your musings and ponderings and etc! They make me smile b/c I do know you...and of course, love you! LOL I enjoy seeing the treasures in use and productive! kls