Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pinwheel Quilt

I cannot believe that I've never done a pinwheel quilt before...because I love "the pinwheel" and I don't know why I've never made one...

At any rate, these are for Baby Girl's bed-sized quilt.  The blocks are all flannel...flannel is hard to find especially in fabrics with these colorways (turquoise, greens, greys, yellows).  It's also hard to find flannels that do not have bears, princesses, or frogs all over it, which is NOT what I'm going for in this quilt.

My point here is that, though I'm a rabid "finisher" (of projects), I'm learning to allow projects to gracefully pause until I stumble upon the "right" fabrics/materials to complete it (as opposed to spending hours hunching at the computer looking for the right fabrics. Ugh.).  So this quilt is officially paused until I happen upon some more fabric to add variety.

Meanwhile, I edited out this cute birdie fabric...the colors are great, but the birdies didn't seem to fit in with the other fabric selections and the overall style for the quilt. 

But I'd already cut some of it up, so I made Baby Girl a pillow case.

That's what's new.

Aside from that, when Strapping Young Lad got up this morning and I asked him what he wanted for breakfast...he requested "string beans."  I was  mildly surprised, but who am I to deny him string beans for breakfast? (For the record, I had cereal, and he had string beans...)

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