Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things I Didn't Think I'd Ever Say

We all have them.  Things that while we're saying them to our kids,  if you pause to think about as it's coming out of your mouth, just makes you want to laugh.

Here are some of mine:

  • "Please put the weasel away." (the weasel is a toy, I just feel like such a redneck whenever I find myself saying "put your weasel away...")

  • "No underwear on the table." (you know, does this really have to be said? Apparently, it does.)

  • "You may not go out with your underwear on your head." (I'm very giving as far allowing creative expressions with clothing, but you have to draw the line somewhere...)

  • "We do not scrub the sink with our toothbrushes." (and whose toothbrush have you used?!!)

  •  "May I borrow your tape measure/hammer/screwdriver...?" (Strapping Young Lad has his own real tool set, and for the most part, is rather responsible with it.  How 'bout this: there are only 2 items that have been confiscated due to mis-use..not too bad for a 4 year old.)

  • "Please get your gun out of the kitchen." (Maybe we are rednecks...)

What are some of the things you say?


  1. "No battleaxes in the bathroom." - j

  2. "Why would you pick the RUBBER off the bottom of your shoe and stick it inside your ear?"
    ~ (Muttered while driving oldest boy to the doctor's office to have said piece of rubber removed.)