Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Birthday Bunny

There's a birthday coming up at our house..not for over another month, but we are working on the "presents" aspect of said birthday...(I don't want to be just-finishing her present the night before...I'd rather be puttering around with her cake and just enjoying HER)

So, yes,  Baby Girl is having a birthday.  Her first one.  It follows her very first tooth.  So many's all coming so fast.

At any rate, this is Strapping Young Lad's present to his baby sister, a bunny made from one of my old sweaters.
(I liked this sweater. I got it at Goodwill.  I rarely wore it though, and one morning I came down the stairs in it and Hubby said pleasantly, "Oh, you look fuzzy." And I went "hhmmm", because "fuzzy" is not necessarily I look that I strive for, lol. It is angora and wool, and I think it's doing great as Someone's Bunny, now.)

I did not involve Strapping Young Lad in all aspects of creation, this time, like I do sometimes, but he did have the satisfaction of stuffing it (the best part).

I struggled with the face awhile to "get it right", but I think this Bunny looks friendly.

I love the tail; a last minute touch.

The over-sized ears are one of its best features.

I think this may actually be one of those toys that Baby Girl will love. (I want to sleep with it, it's so soft, and it's so great to hold onto it by the ears! Strapping Young Lad wants one for his birthday.)

So, Strapping Young Lad is all set with a present for Baby Girl.  And this Bunny doesn't need fed daily, just needs the occasional gentle, hand-washing... :-)

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