Monday, March 14, 2011

Idea Projects for Vintage 'Hankies"

I have a lot of vintage hankies. 

My uncle bought me the jewelry box full of my grandmother's hankies that were being auctioned off at The Farm Sale....  My grandparents were "Plain".  Grandma S. would add a little color and feminity to her outfit by tucking one of her colorful hankerchiefs in her pocket.  (Feminine charm always find a way...)

 And I have some of my other grandma's as well (Mema).  The ones pictured in this post were hers. 

If you have any, here are two ideas of something-to-do-with-them:

Make a pillow. 

The hankerchief I used for this side of it, is actually white and rather flimsy; it has a blue flower embroidered at the bottom right corner.  I backed the hankie with a blue floral print fabric to add a little interest and machine-embroidered them together with blue thread.  I like that you can see the floral print fabric, through the hankie.

I kept the blue palette going, and used a pale blue hankerchief that has white crochet at the edges.  I also backed this hankie with another floral fabric.

So you see, it doesn't matter if they're "matchy-matchy", and/or the exact same size, you can make it work just by tacking on a piece of fabric behind the two hankies, which also makes a sturdier pillow.

Second Idea....

Frame a Hankie

For mine, I chose a small hankie with Mema's initial and paired it with two neat old photographs of her as a Sweet-Young-Thing (and how we all stay in our hearts, even though our bodies betray us).  Throw in a fabulous Dollar Store frame and you have a very unique memento.

At some point, I plan on making a very colorful, hanging  chain-of-pendants (of hankies) for Baby Girl.  Aside from that I'm out of fresh ideas, for now. 

 Anyone have a good spin on other ideas for hankies?

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  1. It warms my heart to see these treasures given new life so that we can continue to use them and see them and enjoy them as we remember the Loved One who has passed Heavenward. To display your creativity is so much better than to box it and oops forget about it until that box gets passed on to the next generation to figure out what to do with it.