Monday, March 7, 2011

My No Sew Project

This, with the help of Hubby and his power-tool skills, is my latest project...a vaulting barrel.  To practice on and keep in shape, without always having to get a horse out and/or someone to run my horse while I practice.

It is 1 and a half barrels welded together.  I've been meaning to have it welded for about 2 years, and the other day and I finally packed The People (ie the kids and the dog) up in the truck, dropped off the barrel at a local welders..and the next day... Voila! I picked up my new vaulting barrel.

I covered it with 1" thick neoprene padding AND (wait for it, wait for it...) the blue cubicle fabric.  Yes, amazing.  It is now dominating part of the living room, and that certainly was not the original plan.  But I asked Hubby if he minded if I kept it in here for a few weeks (so easy to snatch 5 minutes here and there on it; and already my movements have the-ease-of-movement that one can only attain through repitition). 

And Strapping Young Lad spends a lot of time on it, aside from his now-daily practice.

I have informed Strapping Young Lad that if he continues to practice, I will include him in any rosinback bookings that we take.

This leads me to "music selection", which is almost as important as the actual performance.  Everyone and everything here seems to have their own song.  For example, my horse Satchel, whose job is western trick riding, doesn't just have "a song".  His  music is anything Led Zeppelin.  And "Rock n Roll Train" by AC/DC  And "Louie Louie" you get a feel for his character by the music that suits him?  We roll into a rodeo to perform with him, and as we take him off the trailer,  he's like, "Heeeey, Man..." (he's chill)

And our Percheron draft horse, Pucchini, is majestic and powerful.  Sometimes very naughty.  His music thus far is:  VooDoo Chile (the Stevie Ray Vaughan version) AND the best song for his noble side is "Samson Et Dalila: Air et Danse Bacchanale" by Saint-Saens.  The latter has a reoccurring theme that builds and is a little gypsy, mysterious, and beautiful; the best part is the end of the song (if you care).  Though, I practice with Pucchini, mainly with background music of Waylon Jennings, because it keeps us both laid back. And Waylon has the perfect rhythm, in keeping with Pucchini's rhythms.

Now back to Strapping Young Lad and his music selection for his part of a performance...he chose "Requiem Mass: Dies Irae" by Verde.  Go listen to it; it will make you laugh as you keep in mind that Strapping Young Lad is a fuzzy and tender four years old.  If you listen to any of the songs in this post, you HAVE to hear this one.  This is NOT the song I would have chosen for him. I mean, this song is typically what you hear playing in the movies during gruesome, medieval battle scenes...  But for now, I play it for him while he practices and he finds it highly motivating... (Men...)

I'll have to come up with something more appropriate for him.  Something stalwart, but lighter.

Any ideas?


  1. In keeping with his style, I'd say Ride of the Valkyries, by Wagner. :)

  2. Whoops, make that Flight of the Valkyrie. :)