Friday, March 11, 2011

Upcycled Dress

This was a long shift dress in a very nice, breezy cotton.  It's my Mom's.  A thoughtful friend saw it somewhere at a good price and got it for her.  We both like this color for her and the fabric is very nice.

Since this picture, I have rendered it into two pieces....  a top (that required very little changes aside from my modified "crumb catcher" addition with the aid of elastic thread)

The Front

The Back

The "Crumb Catcher"

And a swingy skirt.  I made a wide waistband for it, sewed the slits up for modesty, sewed in an attached slip with crochet trim, and tacked on a pleated ruffle.

I'm especially pleased with the ruffle because it is the selvage (which I usually cut off and throw out) from this fabric (pictured below).  Also, in it's favor, it didn't need a finished hem on it.

AND let's not overlook the "buttons."  They used to be clip-on earrings.  With Hubby's help (and the help of his drill), they are now buttons.  I also painted them with my favorite moon blue nail polish. :-)

The Back

So, now I can see my Mom serving cold, iced tea to her friends on her porch, in this skirt...rather than cleaning her house in it (thanks mostly to the ruffle, which I feel added the little bit of "special").


  1. I love that! The top is fitted now and will be much more will the skirt! You're a clever little thing, Merry Mama. :)
    I'm sure your Mom will love it!

  2. What daring-do, Merry Mama, the designer! Such a special creation that will indeed be worn and enjoyed....and there will be a knowing smile worn as well! kls

  3. topic, but is that black linen toddler skirt that you have on your ETSY shop page made from a man's shirt? That thing is SO makes me want one just like it, but instead of a skirt, it would be an apron. The bow material could cross behind and tie all cute like that in the front! It's so stinkin' cute! (I have a slight apron obsession.) I LOVE that little skirt! If I had a little girl, I would buy that for her! You are a clever and talented seamstress.