Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sanity Check

So, I have this beautiful, gentle old Percheron (draft) horse.  I love him; we have a lot of history together.  Nevertheless, we have decided to reduce the number of horses that we have, and only keep our horses that can work.  So I'm looking for a good home for him.

My questionable put a Free for Free ad in the paper to find him a home.

If you ever wish for some entertainment...something to be able to raise your eyebrows at...and perhaps just end up shaking your head with nothing left to say...
Then put a Free for Free ad in the paper.

The ad ran today, and the phone calls started ringing in by 6:30 AM. (Doesn't anyone know that's rude?)  I just have to laugh.  Free horse! It's like the frenzy of offering a tidbit to feeding piranhas.  I can already smell the desperation.

Caller 1: "Well, I don't have a fence yet, but we tie our horses out with lead lines."
Me: "You can't tie this horse out.  Draft horses don't tie well like that. He has to have a fence (side note: does this really need to be said?). Do you have any references? A vet perhaps? Or farrier?"

Caller 1: "I don't use a vet. Or farrier. The Amish say to just run 'em down the road an' wear 'em hooves down."
Me: "Uh huh. Okay. You don't do rabies vaccinations or anything like that.  Okay. I see.  Any character references you can give me?"
Caller 1: "Uh, no. But you can come see my place.  My horses are a little thin and stuff from the winter though."

Me: "Mmhhm. Okay. Alright then. How about you give me a call back when you have some references. Thanks for calling, 'Bye."

It's 7:10 AM as I type; I'm already 4 phone calls into this. 
I have already been called "Darlin''" once (sigh). 

Do you think it might be a long, if not entertaining, day...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tree Tunic

Hubby says that Strapping Young Lad has more tunics than anyone else that he knows.
It's true.
(If Hubby isn't careful, I'll make him one...)

This one is freshly made with a pre-approved (by Strapping Young Lad) tree fabric from Joel Dewberry's line.  On the hanger, this tunic comes across a little "Jimi Hendrix". Or perhaps "Woodstock." Or "I-bought-this-whilst-in-Israel"... 

But on Strapping Young's "him."  It is reminiscent of sweet, sun-warmed meadows and the long, carefree afternoons of childhood.

And that wraps it up for another week.  Whatever your beliefs....have a blessed Easter. (Anyone making Challah or Hot Cross Buns?) 

As for us at the Merry Household, we are thanking God for his outrageous Gift.
Friday's here....but Sunday's a comin'.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Baby Beebee Bird

I unofficially participated in the "Once Upon a Thread' sewing month over at No Big Dill.  It was for the month of March, I believe, and I say "unofficial" because I did not finish my project until April. (Hey the details took time to work out...)  But the theme was creativity inspired by favorite children's books.  At first I was uninspired, but as the month wore on, I became..inspired.

My book of choice:  The Baby Beebee Bird
This was my book as a child, gifted to me by my grandmother.  I remember her and my mother both, reading it to me and laughing until they were in tears.

The story is about a "beebee bird", new to the zoo.  The beebee bird is mixed up and sings at night, instead of the day.  This disturbs the entire zoo and all the animals don't get their sleep.

  The other animals decide to keep the beebee bird up, the next day when he wishes to sleep.  They sing his song, "beebeebobbi beebeebobbibobbi" all day long. 

 Finally, night comes and everyone, now including the beebee bird, is ready for bed.

When Strapping Young Lad was a bit younger, I read it to him almost every day.  The ending still makes my throat tighten and my eyes get teary, which I try to hide.  I love the play on words as I read it to my own little "birdies" : "Nighttime is really best for sleeping...especially for very little birds."

At any rate, this book is much loved.  I felt that a pillow case would be just the thing to showcase the inspiration.

This Side for Daytime

Flip to This Side for nighttime and sweet dreams.
(With the last words in the book embroidered: "Nighttime is really best for sleeping...especially for very little birds.")

The daytime side has a pocket for the little beebee bird, where he can reside during the day.

He is just the right size for little paddies to hold while drifting into dreamland, at night.

This is my favorite side: the nighttime side.

I wasn't sure how this would go over with Strapping Young Lad; if he would find it too silly for him.  But I'm delighted, because he very much enjoys flipping the pillow over for day and night, and he loves holding the plush beebee bird in bed.

 So I got it right this time.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Giveaway

Another giveaway! 
 No fabric-flowers or fabric this time.  This is something you can eventually eat.  Or sit it around your house and look at it.

Yes, yes the pictures are giving it away.  Pumpkin seeds!

Now these are not just any pumpkin seeds, these are "gourmet pie mix" seeds. :-)  The mix is two kinds: one is my favorite Jarrahdale blue pumpkin, which I posted about last fall, and the other is Small Sugar.

At any rate, I'll be sending someone 5 pumpkin seeds (that's all I have left!) for their dining or decor enjoyment...  All you have to do to enter is: post a comment, pertaining to pumpkins, on this post.  Winner will be selected randomly and posted by Wednesday, April 20, so you have until then.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boy Bunny

I have been absent from blogging, due not to a lack of things-to-say, or projects-to-publicly-mull-over, but as a direct result of technical difficulties.  No internet connection.  Getting Verizon to come out and repair our line, is like pulling teeth.  Oddly enough, I have recently found that I can connect to the internet in the early morning, so la de da, here is a quick post!

This is a brown Boy Bunny for Strapping Young Lad's birthday (which isn't til June).  It is officially his present from his Baby Sister.  I don't know how but, I did manage to make this without him seeing it.

The best part:
The Bunny Tail

Truly, this tail is top knotch, as far as plush bunny tails go.  A remnant from the fuzzy, white angora sweater equals tail perfection. :)

Have a lovely day, All.  Hope to internet connect again soon AND it's time for a little giveaway again. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Sunflower House

It's that time again...
when we no longer have to merely peruse wistfully through the garden/plant catalogues...
we can start planting! (inside, of course)

Strapping Young Lad and I took over our orange kitchen table, and planted the sunflowers for this year's Sunflower House.  And I mail-ordered some morning glories and sweet peas to complete the house, so we're waiting on those.

This, all in hopes of avoiding the foibles and follies of last year's less-than-perfect Sunflower House.

Days and days is a very long time, for a young fellow who is anxiously awaiting the first seed to sprout.

PS After composing this post, Hubby informed me that the Sunflower's might not transplant well...oops.  I guess we'll just find out...  But most of the pleasure in planting them inside first, is for Strapping Young Lad to marvel at the seedlings popping up.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Frog Prince

Lately, Strapping Young Lad has been seeing things and requesting that we make something like it... My Idea Notebook is chock full of these inspirational findings, and I have informed Strapping Young Lad that I am no longer taking requests at this time...until we get caught up.

Meanwhile, this is the latest piece of inspiration that caught Strapping Young Lad's fancy.

The French Porcelain-Style Frog

This is actually one of those subscribe-for-a-year and get-a-different-frog-every-month for one giant frog collection.  (No, we are not subscribing.  We need a frog collection like we need another hole in the head.)

So, no frog collection, but I thought we could put a frog in the "french porcelain-style" on a shirt for Strapping Young Lad.  I asked, "Does it have to have a crown?" "Yes!" he said.  Apparently that is one of its more important features...

At any rate, I sized down and modified this adult-sized hoodie for Strapping Young Lad. 

I had to use a different fabric for the back of it, because I got confused (distracted, is more like it) during the cutting process and did too much chopping on the large pieces to have enough for the back of the shirt.

I did make absolutely sure there was enough green fabric for a pocket, which the frog is on.

My froggy-admirer is very content with it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Salvaging Some Vintage Soldiers

This is a fairly old, embroidered, vintage pillow cover that has been in our family.  It has been in my pile of semi-interesting things that need "over-hauled", for awhile.  My initial reaction to it was, "mahh, it's not really our 'taste'..."  Though Strapping Young Lad's interest in it, sparked me into motion.

The blanket stitch at the edges was in rough shape, and it had some stains and a small tear.  From my "research" on the internet, restoring a vintage linen is time-intensive.  I went part of the way there to "not-perfect", but "quite-good-enough."

According to my findings, vintage linens can soak for up to a week.  Which I did.  I also gave it a blurb of dish detergent and a rinse with vinegar in the water.  That may be a no-no, but the piece turned out very much "refreshed."  To finish off it's long bath, I laid it out to dry on a clean patch of grass in the sun; which is something I read about in Mary Jane's Farm magazine for cleaning a delicate vintage quilt.

The stains are much lesser.  I backed the whole pillowcase with a terracotta fabric,  and the other side of the pillow is a textured cream fabric.  And I just sewed over the hand-sewn blanket stitch in machine-done white blanket stitch.

And there it is.