Monday, April 18, 2011

The Baby Beebee Bird

I unofficially participated in the "Once Upon a Thread' sewing month over at No Big Dill.  It was for the month of March, I believe, and I say "unofficial" because I did not finish my project until April. (Hey the details took time to work out...)  But the theme was creativity inspired by favorite children's books.  At first I was uninspired, but as the month wore on, I became..inspired.

My book of choice:  The Baby Beebee Bird
This was my book as a child, gifted to me by my grandmother.  I remember her and my mother both, reading it to me and laughing until they were in tears.

The story is about a "beebee bird", new to the zoo.  The beebee bird is mixed up and sings at night, instead of the day.  This disturbs the entire zoo and all the animals don't get their sleep.

  The other animals decide to keep the beebee bird up, the next day when he wishes to sleep.  They sing his song, "beebeebobbi beebeebobbibobbi" all day long. 

 Finally, night comes and everyone, now including the beebee bird, is ready for bed.

When Strapping Young Lad was a bit younger, I read it to him almost every day.  The ending still makes my throat tighten and my eyes get teary, which I try to hide.  I love the play on words as I read it to my own little "birdies" : "Nighttime is really best for sleeping...especially for very little birds."

At any rate, this book is much loved.  I felt that a pillow case would be just the thing to showcase the inspiration.

This Side for Daytime

Flip to This Side for nighttime and sweet dreams.
(With the last words in the book embroidered: "Nighttime is really best for sleeping...especially for very little birds.")

The daytime side has a pocket for the little beebee bird, where he can reside during the day.

He is just the right size for little paddies to hold while drifting into dreamland, at night.

This is my favorite side: the nighttime side.

I wasn't sure how this would go over with Strapping Young Lad; if he would find it too silly for him.  But I'm delighted, because he very much enjoys flipping the pillow over for day and night, and he loves holding the plush beebee bird in bed.

 So I got it right this time.


  1. Very cute! I remember loving the Dr. Seuss book "Are you my Mother?" My Mom used to read that to Bobby and I. :) Very cute pillow idea! I like how you turned it into a 2 sided pillow...and the whole flipping it over in the morning and at night is a great idea!

  2. I'm blown away! I love this!!!