Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boy Bunny

I have been absent from blogging, due not to a lack of things-to-say, or projects-to-publicly-mull-over, but as a direct result of technical difficulties.  No internet connection.  Getting Verizon to come out and repair our line, is like pulling teeth.  Oddly enough, I have recently found that I can connect to the internet in the early morning, so la de da, here is a quick post!

This is a brown Boy Bunny for Strapping Young Lad's birthday (which isn't til June).  It is officially his present from his Baby Sister.  I don't know how but, I did manage to make this without him seeing it.

The best part:
The Bunny Tail

Truly, this tail is top knotch, as far as plush bunny tails go.  A remnant from the fuzzy, white angora sweater equals tail perfection. :)

Have a lovely day, All.  Hope to internet connect again soon AND it's time for a little giveaway again. Stay tuned.

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