Monday, April 4, 2011

The Frog Prince

Lately, Strapping Young Lad has been seeing things and requesting that we make something like it... My Idea Notebook is chock full of these inspirational findings, and I have informed Strapping Young Lad that I am no longer taking requests at this time...until we get caught up.

Meanwhile, this is the latest piece of inspiration that caught Strapping Young Lad's fancy.

The French Porcelain-Style Frog

This is actually one of those subscribe-for-a-year and get-a-different-frog-every-month for one giant frog collection.  (No, we are not subscribing.  We need a frog collection like we need another hole in the head.)

So, no frog collection, but I thought we could put a frog in the "french porcelain-style" on a shirt for Strapping Young Lad.  I asked, "Does it have to have a crown?" "Yes!" he said.  Apparently that is one of its more important features...

At any rate, I sized down and modified this adult-sized hoodie for Strapping Young Lad. 

I had to use a different fabric for the back of it, because I got confused (distracted, is more like it) during the cutting process and did too much chopping on the large pieces to have enough for the back of the shirt.

I did make absolutely sure there was enough green fabric for a pocket, which the frog is on.

My froggy-admirer is very content with it.

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