Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sanity Check

So, I have this beautiful, gentle old Percheron (draft) horse.  I love him; we have a lot of history together.  Nevertheless, we have decided to reduce the number of horses that we have, and only keep our horses that can work.  So I'm looking for a good home for him.

My questionable put a Free for Free ad in the paper to find him a home.

If you ever wish for some entertainment...something to be able to raise your eyebrows at...and perhaps just end up shaking your head with nothing left to say...
Then put a Free for Free ad in the paper.

The ad ran today, and the phone calls started ringing in by 6:30 AM. (Doesn't anyone know that's rude?)  I just have to laugh.  Free horse! It's like the frenzy of offering a tidbit to feeding piranhas.  I can already smell the desperation.

Caller 1: "Well, I don't have a fence yet, but we tie our horses out with lead lines."
Me: "You can't tie this horse out.  Draft horses don't tie well like that. He has to have a fence (side note: does this really need to be said?). Do you have any references? A vet perhaps? Or farrier?"

Caller 1: "I don't use a vet. Or farrier. The Amish say to just run 'em down the road an' wear 'em hooves down."
Me: "Uh huh. Okay. You don't do rabies vaccinations or anything like that.  Okay. I see.  Any character references you can give me?"
Caller 1: "Uh, no. But you can come see my place.  My horses are a little thin and stuff from the winter though."

Me: "Mmhhm. Okay. Alright then. How about you give me a call back when you have some references. Thanks for calling, 'Bye."

It's 7:10 AM as I type; I'm already 4 phone calls into this. 
I have already been called "Darlin''" once (sigh). 

Do you think it might be a long, if not entertaining, day...


  1. Oh man...can't you find some suitable person (that you know) to take him? People are terrible! lol Hopefully you'll be able to weed through the idiots and find someone who will love him...treat him right! Good luck!

  2. Ahhhh, our ole friend, Pete! I remember being a tad afraid of him when being solely responsible for holding on to him. But he and I did what we had to do! Good Memories!